October 29, 2020, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM UTC
(Online) Education & (Challenges) During Covid-19
Hosted by Dr. ID
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This year has been a challenge for most of us, facing the recent covid-19 pandemic. The entire society has seen changes to daily life. Social distancing is amongst those measures that have drastic impact on the way we live at most places of this shared world.
Several forms of virtual online communication and interaction have clearly helped to build bridges between distanced persons or groups in all possible contexts from school, over university, to the business world. This is a great development, as many of these forms and the associated technologies do a great job here. Ultimately, the future will tell, if this is just a work-around that is dued to the covid-19 pandemic or if this is actually part of a bigger social shift with an ongoing impact. 
Anyway, several tools and platforms founded the technical background of an interesting social experiment in sight of university (studying/teaching). They were the only ingredient that could have made this last summer term even possible, if the university was still in operation.
In other words, 100% online teaching/learning was the only way to operate in most cases. Looking back, this modus operandi definitely was a challenge - not only for most students. especially for the unprepared amongst the teaching persons. Overall, it clearly revealed the potential of online education.
This event discusses some of these challenges, sharing some experiences and offering some "best-practices" that proved to work well to overcome distances even in a pandemic environment.
If You are a student, a professor or simply interested in this topic, feel free to reserve a seat...

About Dr. ID

DR. ID is scientifically rooted in most layers of (social-)psychology, but also in knowledge management, history of science, philosophy or qualitative social research. Today, he mainly lectures (social-)psychology in universities, and additionally serve as an author in this field. 

Recent research highlights include a study on new dynamics of the healthcare sector that has been published in 2020 and a confidential study which is also aiming at this sector. Past activity includes studies on knowledge management in corporate structures, motivational aspects of virtual collaboration platforms and knowledge communities in companies, or on the meaning of language and words in sight of natural language processing. 

True passion of Dr. ID are humans and the labyrinths around or within themselves, relevant techniques to uncover them, as well as programmatic sourcing hacking. For many years, he serves as an independent research consultant, sourcing talent on a global level. This involvement ranges from pipeline-building through desk research, personalization of emails, to interviewing. In this broad context, he got the nickname “Dr. ID”. 



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What is E-Learning?
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Technical Toolbox
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Mindsetting: A Scrum-ish E-learning Approach
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Social Coding & Best Practices
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