October 15, 2020, 12:30 AM - 2:00 AM UTC
Basics of Behavioral Interviews (Encore)
Hosted by Career Sesh
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Back by popular demand, an encore session of Basics of Behavioral Interviews with Shayan Ghani.
Whether you're getting ready for your first interview, trying to improve your interview skills, or just trying to brush up for the sake of staying in practice- the basics of the behavioral interview are always good place to start.
Join me(Shayan Ghani) on Wednesday October 14th at 7:30PM(CST) as I start what will be as series of workshops, LinkedIn posts, and one-on-one sessions to help students recruit confidently with success. 
This will be an interactive webinar where after providing information on the topic audience members will be called upon to practice and receive live feedback on answers to questions like "Tell me about yourself", "Tell me about a time when...", and "What are your goals/strengths/weakness/etc?". We'll also discuss general recruiting and interviewing strategies to increase job seeker's chances of receiving call backs and job offers.
**This webinar is primarily structured for college students seeking internships and entry level roles.
**Attend on VirtualFair via desktop/laptop for best experience. Attendees cameras will be requested to be on.
**This session will be recorded and published.
About Me: An electrical engineer by profession, a mentor by passion. I've helped dozens of college students with their resumes and interview prep to land internships and entry level roles within multiple industries and career paths. I gained these skills from working as a Mentorship Program Director, running my own career services business as a side hustle, and being a recruiter at career fairs. Now I'd like to share the wisdom and advice with current students to empower them with the ability of recruiting confidently.

About Career Sesh

About CareerSesh:
CareerSesh is an effort by engineer Shayan Ghani to help college students with resumes, interviews, and overall recruiting to land the internships/entry-levels to jump start their careers.


12:30 AM
Welcome Lobby
12:35 AM
Introduction +General Interview Prep
12:45 AM
Question #1: Tell Me About Yourself
1:05 AM
Question #2: Tell Me About A Time of Challenge/Conflict
1:25 AM
Question #3: Strengths & Weaknesses
1:45 AM
Other Questions and Q&A