October 22, 2020, 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM UTC
AWS | Storage and Automation Poly Only Networking Event
Hosted by Amazon
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Please note this event is open to all those who currently hold a US polygraph security clearance.

AWS Government Cloud Team

We build cloud services that help US Intelligence Agencies keep our nation safe.

We are bringing AWS commercial cloud technology to US Intelligence Agency missions.  These missions require AWS to meet the highest levels of security and often operate in air-gapped environments.  To support these requirements, AWS has developed and deployed tools that enable a full AWS cloud environment across the entire range of classifications.  This gives our government access to the technology required to stay ahead of threats and keep our nation safe. US Intelligence Agencies are looking at their missions in new ways and collaborating like never before. 

At AWS, we are also looking to invent new capabilities that will help solve some hard problems for the agencies we support.  These new technologies range from new storage technology to ground station as a service, to more advanced machine learning.  We have just started to explore the new possibilities and, as we say at Amazon, it is still Day 1. 

Our team is a great place to work with the latest cloud technology, learn new skills, invent new capabilities, and most importantly, have a direct impact on the success of the US Intelligence Community. We have opportunities for cleared and non-cleared technology professionals who wish to work to support this mission.

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